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New in the MAHLE Aftermarket – innovative products for engine cooling
Heat is always created by friction. This is not only true for moving parts but also for moving masses. To protect the parts from excessive expansion and consequential damage caused by heat, adequate cooling devices are employed to dissipate heat is essential. Those devices are also used to reduce the temperature of the charged air in turbocharged engines in order to ensure a sufficient oxygen supply. MAHLE Aftermarket can now offer components which correspond to those requirements in premium quality through our strategic collaboration with Behr.

MAHLE Aftermarket technology offensive: Thermostats, the managers of the cooling circuit
To operate efficiently while minimising wear and emissions, a combustion engine requires the temperature to remain as constant as possible. Thermostats are used exactly for that purpose, as they regulate the engine temperature with coolant. In an effort to optimise the availability of these thermal managers in the automotive aftermarket, MAHLE Aftermarket has assumed responsibility for sales and distribution on the independent market from Behr Thermot-tronik GmbH (BTT). The subsidiary of Behr GmbH & Co. KG is a development partner and series supplier to the international automotive industry, and is one of the leading manufacturers of thermostats and temperature regulation systems for automotive and industrial applications.

The integration into the main logistics structure of MAHLE Aftermarket is providing repair shops and trading partners of both companies with new perspectives: the 15 highly efficient MAHLE Aftermarket logistic centres on 4 continents and the numerous sales branches will guarantee the comprehensive and on-time supply of all products.

In future, MAHLE Aftermarket will offer customers not only an extensive range of Behr Thermot-tronik thermostats, switches, and sensors in original equipment quality, but is also launching the range under the globally renowned MAHLE Original brand at the same time—and is thus creating the best pre-requisites for optimum market availability.

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